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1. Placing toilets in sustainable design : the need for social and technological innovation / Laura Korculanin, Carlos Barbosa, Ana Margarida Ferreira Article Analítico Senses and sensibility'15 : design as a trade : proceedings book of the UNIDCOM/IADE's 8th international conference, p. 204-211 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

2. A interdisciplinaridade no ensino do Design / Maria Regina Álvares Correia Dias, Leila Amaral Gontijo Article Analítico Revista Design em foco, Vol. 3, nº 2 (Julho/Dezembro 2006), p. 49-66 LocationIADE-UE Availability Reference (1).

3. Reading science fiction novels as an architectural research method : the case study of J. G. Ballard's High Rise : o caso de estudo do High Rise de J.G. Ballard / Zeynep Tuna Ultav Article Analítico The triumph of design = O triunfo do desenho, p. 242-252 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

4. Integrating an interdisciplinary experience into design education / Theresa Lobo Article Analítico Cumulus working papers: Paris-Sèvres, p. 15 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

5. Transforming design thinking into collaborative innovation : meeting the emerging needs and demands of a complex world through design thinking and collaborative innovation / Eric Ligon, Michele Wong Kung Fong Article Analítico Iridiscent: Icograda journal of design research, Vol. 1, p. 40-51 LocationIADE-UE Availability Reference (1).

6. Communication design and its envisioning for a global world? / Jackie Malcolm Article Analítico Desafios conceptuais para o design e a produção gráfica: 2ª conferência internacional em design e artes gráficas, p. 114-118 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

7. The role of interdisciplinary collaboration for sustainable product innovation to support urban biodiversity / Stephen D. Reay, Andrew Withel Article Analítico The tao of sustainability : an international conference on sustainable design strategies in a globalization context : proceedings, p. 457-463 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

8. Dissenyant la innovació / Mark Breitenberg Article Analítico Temes de Disseny, 23, p. 22-33 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

9. Where what's in common mediates disciplinary diversity in design students : a shared pathway of intellectual development / Candy Carmel-Gilfilen, Margaret Portillo Article Analítico Design studies, vol. 33, nº 3 (May 2012), p. 237-261 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

10. Mind the gap : a collaboration in design teaching and learning between UK and Australia / Noemi Sadowska, Selena Griffith, Tom Morgan Article Analítico Design X connexity: proceedings of the eight European Academy of Design international conference, p. 404-408 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

11. Soundscape as a design strategy for landscape architectural praxis / Michael D. Fowler Article Analítico Design studies, Vol. 34, n. 1 (January 2013), p. 111-128 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

12. Memes and symbolic interactionism : a new approach to trend research and design / Amanda Queiroz Campos, Luiz Salomão Ribas Gomez Article Analítico Senses and sensibility'15 : design as a trade : proceedings book of the UNIDCOM/IADE's 8th international conference, p. 404-411 LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (1).

13. Interactividade na cultura visual : projecto IBracelet / Alexandra Mateus Abalada Book Publication Lisboa : IADE, 2008 Description 78 p. : il. ; 30 cm LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (2).

14. The personality box : interpretações visuais inspiradas em personalidade e cultura / Arianne dos Santos Amores Book Publication Lisboa : IADE-U, 2015 Description 268 p. : il. ; 30 cm + CD-Rom LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (2).

15. A vida reflecte cor : projecto online / Susana Maria Figueiredo Bento Gonçalves Ramos Book Publication Lisboa : IADE, 2007 Description 127 p. : il. ; 30 cm + CV LocationIADE-UE Availability Available (2).